How to identify a counterfeit PurePower AC Regenerator

PurePower Partners wishes to make you aware that there is a vendor who began an attempt in late December 2011 to sell counterfeit products which illegitimately bear the PurePower brand.

While imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, there is nothing sincere about counterfeit products; especially in the world of high end audio, video and home theater.

Authorized PurePower dealers are the only source for real honest-to-goodness PurePower products. We are updating our web site over the next few days to ensure that all of our dealers are listed on the "Where to Buy" section of the site to eliminate any problems in determining who is and who is not an authorized PurePower dealer. In some countries, you may need to check with your regional PurePower distributor to verify specific local market dealers and retailers.

You can also email or call Richard Janzen, our sales and marketing manager, with any concerns or inquiries.

PurePower Partners is dedicated to providing the very best in AC regeneration to audiophiles and videophiles worldwide, and will continue to be vigilant in working to ensure that our community is not subject to infiltration by fraudulent and counterfeit products.


Damian Janzen,
PurePower Partners LLC.

How can I tell if my PurePower is legit?
- ALL PurePower units made and/or delivered before late December, 2011 are genuine PurePower product.
If you have any doubts, we will gladly verify it for you if you email or call with the serial number and purchase date. 
- ALL PurePower units made and/or delivered after Jan 1st, 2012 that are shipped direct from the Canadian production facility in Ayr, Ontario, or our U.S.A. shipping depot in Niagara Falls, New York, are genuine PurePower product.
- ALL PurePower units purchased from an authorized dealer or distributor should be genuine PurePower Product (see our list of authorized dealers by clicking here.)
- Any PurePower unit received after Jan 1st, 2012 that was shipped direct from China or Taiwan is NOT genuine PurePower Product.
- Any PurePower unit ordered after Dec 7th, 2011 through a company or individual appearing on our counterfeit product provider list (click here for the list) is NOT genuine PurePower Product.
- Any packaging, literature, documentation, invoicing or labeling with the following fraudulent PurePower logo:
or the name "PROPOWER" is NOT genuine PurePower Product.
- If you are asked to send money to Taiwan or China to order a PurePower, it is NOT genuine PurePower Product.
(The exception being PurePower's legitimate authorized Taiwan and Hong Kong dealers.)

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