The following companies or individuals have been identified as
selling counterfeit products.

Be aware that counterfeit units are not eligible for service, support, warranty, repair, or upgrades of any kind from PurePower.

Pure Power Audio Video Power Supplies Corp.
Kevin Chi, or Zaki Yeh, or any other contact.
Pro Home Systems Oakland California
Glen Casebeer, Tom George
Underwood Hi-Fi - Walter Liederman
Atlanta, GA
- any orders placed after Dec 7, 2011
Legend Imports - Ivan Messer
Lakeland, FL.
- any orders placed after Dec 7, 2011 

If you are asked to send money to Taiwan or China for a PurePower product, or are told that shipping will originate in Taiwan or China
(except for products purchased through our Authorized Hong Kong or Taiwan PurePower Dealers), you are being sold counterfeit
PurePower product. Check out our "Spot a Fake" page or our "Authorized Dealer" listings to ensure you are getting
Genuine PurePower Products.

We endeavour to keep our counterfeit dealer listing accurate and complete,
contact us if you believe that the above list contains any inaccuracies or omissions.

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