For anyone with the least doubt about the true owner of the PurePower trademark here is our Certificate of registration from the US Trademark Office.

Will The Real PurePower Please Stand up!

On December 7th, 2011 PurePower Partners LLC's long time contract sales manager attempted to take over our brand and company in a brazen "coup".

He announced a "management change" and that a new version of PurePower from a new company called PurePower AVPS Corp was now the only brand of PurePower in the world and that all PurePower dealers should order their products from the new company. He made a series of claims, all of them untrue, all infringing on the PurePower trademark, and many of them libelous. The duplicate PurePower products are manufactured in Taiwan.

PurePower Partners LLC was granted multiple injunctions against the sales manager and the fake PurePower AVPS Corp. that ordered them to cease and desist interfering with the customers, suppliers and dealers of PurePower Partners.  Nevertheless they continued to promote the counterfeit products in contempt of the orders of a US Judge.

The net result was market confusion, sales interruptions, and major losses to the genuine developer of the PurePower product and the rightful owner of the brand, trademark and IP.

Since that occurred we have tried very hard to avoid falling into the trap of becoming obsessed with legal fights and public argument. It is destructive and counter productive.

We have concentrated instead on rolling out our new and improved PurePower+ using the technical skills and creativity that has made every generation of PurePower products so groundbreaking. That audio knowledge and entrepreneurial talent can’t be matched by a couple of sales guys and a Taiwan counterfeiter bent on mischief and stolen profits.

So here is our simple primer on how to tell the real PurePower from the fake one.

If you are concerned about the authenticity of any PurePower unit offered for sale you can use our "How to spot a fake." page.

If you are curious about the court proceedings you can read the judge's orders from the court hearings in Florida court.

The real PurePower is on one side of each frame. The fake PurePower is on the other. See if you can guess which is which.
A: PurePower Partners LLC: Formed in April 2006 in the State of New Jersey. Corporate Registration in good standing.

B: Pure Power Audio Video Power Supplies Ltd. registered in Delaware in January 2012 by a Taiwanese individual.

A: PurePower trademark registered with US trademark office #4217813 by PurePower Partners LLC. First use in April 2006.

B: PP logo trademark applied for by Pure Power Audio Video Power Supplies Ltd. in March 2012. Not granted. First use in February 2012.


A. Assembly plant and offices located in Ayr,
Ontario Canada. Original plant established in 2004 by predecessor company Audiophile APS Inc. in Cambridge Ontario before forming PurePower Partners LLC in 2006.

B: No physical offices or facility. Represented by "official agent" in Delaware.

A: Offices fully staffed with computer network, business telephones, and typical office equipment. Actual President, Vice President, Secretary, office manager, etc.

B:  Sales manager" operating out of a Taipei factory.

A: Manufacturing and assembly operations with experienced audio circuit designer on staff, state of the art electronics assembly facilities, metalworking capabilities, testing and QC stations.


B: Counterfeit PurePower units are assembled in a crowded, unkempt shop on the fourth floor of an industrial building off an alleyway in the outskirts of Taipei, Taiwan. (Photo by Damian Janzen)

So you can pay your money and take your chances. You can buy an outdated technology version of a fake PurePower AC regenerator  from a charlatan, or you can buy the genuine article from the original developer and get a superior product carefully made in North America.

 Just make sure you purchase only genuine PurePower+ products from an authorized dealer.

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