Models 700 and 1050 (Model 700 discontinued as of Sept 1, 2010)

Here at PurePower, we believe that the sounds and images that come from your system should be the ones that were introduced intentionally – not those that arrived unintentionally from your utility or through your house wiring.

We believe the music shouldn’t suddenly stop or the screen flicker and dim or a recording operation fail when the utility power has a momentary sag or a short outage.

We believe that power problems such as surges, spikes, transients, and harmonic distortion shouldn’t damage and destroy expensive components catastrophically, or slowly by chronic overheating.

If you have spent time, money and effort to assemble a superior set of components that are capable of delivering a high level of audio and video performance, make sure they are given a source of clean, pure, continuous electrical power to ensure they have a chance to perform to their utmost.

Pure Power In > Pure Sound Out

The PurePower™ APS  provides truly regenerated pure power regardless of what problems exist in your utility supply. This is accomplished through our double conversion technology. We convert the incoming power to produce a clean DC current, then recreate a 60 Hz, 120 volt AC wave form from the DC. No spikes, sags, surges or other power disturbances can be passed through from input to output.  

Accurate voltage specs 
prevent current reduction.

Some products designed to clean or filter the power can reduce the current to your amplifier. The PurePower™ APS maintains a 120 volt output +/- 3% with up to 92% energy efficiency and a power factor of more than .95. All of our APS models can deliver their full rated wattage even during short or long duration power sags. In fact, they deliver continuous full power even if you're getting extended periods of as low as 80 volts at the wall outlet.


Pure Power Continuity

In addition to pure power, the PurePower™ APS provides you with something unique in audio power regenerators - protection against power outage. The PurePower™ APS maintains full wattage output even when the power fails completely. All PurePower™ models give you continued pure power at full output and quality from minutes to hours, depending on your consumption. With the option of adding up to four PurePower™ Power Packs, you can have several hours of full power while your neighbors are in the dark.

Warranty Protection

Our 2 year limited warranty program is possibly the best in the business. If you are having difficulties with your PurePower™ APS that cannot be resolved by our online or telephone support, an RMA will be issued and a courier pickup will be on its way. Return the PurePower using the original carton or let us know if you need a box and packing. Any required documentation and waybills for the shipment will be sent via FAX or Email for the return trip. Your unit will be repaired by our service technicians or replaced when appropriate.

Specifications 1050/2000/3000 120 volt Specifications 1050/2000/3000 230 volt

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